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Our Promise

More and more couples are realising that a wedding video is the best way to preserve the memories of their special day.

Here at RT Studio, weddings are our passion.

Having filmed several hundred weddings, mainly here in Cyprus, we have developed our own unique style of Wedding Videography.

We offer experience and quality for your special day right through from the planning phase, filming on the day and the final edit.

Our promise is to capture and document with moving pictures all the emotion, excitement and colour of your wedding day.

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Wedding Videos

Here are some examples of our favourite wedding 'Highlights' videos. We utilise many cameras and a drone wherever possible to capture the story from varying perspectives.

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Half-Day Package

 The half-day package is 'up to' 5 hours filming, so we arrive 30mins before the ceremony and we stay with you up to, and including the cake cutting which is usually after we've returned from the location shoot. We cover the ceremony with at least 2 cameras as well as full audio. We also try to get some drone shots throughout the day if time and weather permit. You will receive a fully edited video in full HD in 2-12 weeks.
The price for this is €850.00

Full-Day Package

This package means that we start early on your wedding day when you're both getting ready and we stay with you throughout your day for the ceremony, location shoot and speeches Up to and including your first dance.

Our comprehensive package means: -

Bride and groom prep. (The entire ceremony and speeches with audio).

Group shots (Confetti, cake cutting etc). Location shoot-Speeches-First Dance.

Approx 25+ mins duration.

If you want to relive your ‘special day’, In more detail, this package has you covered.

You will receive a fully edited video in full HD, between 4-12 weeks later.

We try to incorporate our drone if time, weather and permission, permits (primarily at the location shoot & group shots).

The price for this is €1,300.00

Cinematic Wedding Film

With our cinematography (cinematic) package, nothing changes regarding our coverage of your wedding day compared to our Comprehensive full-day package. (Bride & groom prep, through to first dance).

The difference comes in the shooting style, storyline and editing process.

‘Wedding cinematography is an art form blended with creative storytelling.

The cinematographers are some of the best storytellers who can set the right tone for the video and magically create a wonderful introduction and climax of the wedding film.

Whether capturing an emotional father-daughter moment or the beautiful bride sharing a smile looking at her groom, the good wedding cinematographer weaves a story from each moment and creates a fairy-tale wedding movie out of it.'

Set to music with a duration of approx. 10-15 mins This is the perfect video for you to share your day on social media for all your loved ones to enjoy.

The price for this is €1,150.00

Live Streaming

Live streaming of your ceremony
Prices start from


Tailor-Made Packages

Greek Orthodox weddings tend to be complex affairs with many and varying locations on the day requiring a full team of videographers and a plan of action.
Contact us with details of your 'big day' and we'll prepare the package that suits your requirements.
Packages start from


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Baptisms are wonderful, emotional events.

Shooting Baptisms requires discretion and timing. We have perfected our own unique style of filming these holy events. This package offers a fully edited video of all the important elements of the ceremony as well as a 'static' unedited, full version of the church ceremony.

Prices start at €450

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Our Photographer

Elegant Journalistic Photography.

Videographers and Photographers go hand-in-hand. Almost always having to work together under pressure to capture the moment but also respecting each others 'space'.

Ask any Videographer and he will tell you that he has his preferred photographer.

RT Studio and Demos K Soupashis work flawlessly side-by-side.

Head on over to his website and take advantage of our full-day package discounts for booking us for both photo and Video.


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